The Fortnight Before Christmas

The Fortnight Before Christmas

T'was the fortnight before Christmas

And all through the pole

El Nino arrived and left a big hole

Santa’s product was good, but his marketing stunk

He hoped for salvation to get out of his funk

But his stockholding elves, tired of ink that is red

Had visions of buyout dance in their heads

Production has stalled and quotas weren’t met

Though Santa was worried, he wasn’t done yet

But try as he might, E.F. Hutton spoke

To tell one and all that Santa was broke

Christmas arrived with no stuff to unwrap

No gadgets or gizmos or other claptrap

But this wasn’t a Christmas in which to be sad

As the best gift of all is one we already had

It’s a smile and a hug that brings us true joy

And last a lot longer than any gizmo or toy

So turn to a loved one, whether nearby or far

And tell them a loved one is just what they are